Midland Community Pharmacy Group

Waste and Sharps Disposal Service

Waste disposal

Midland Community Pharmacy Group (MidCPG) is committed to the safe disposal of unwanted and unused medicines as they can pose a risk if left in peoples home.  Accidental poisonings and needle stick injuries are one of the highest risks and the disposal of unused medicines into our waterways via sinks and toilets is also an avoidable environmental risk.

Each pharmacy receives a lockable 120 Litre wheelie bin or a Medibin 20 Litre pail for waste disposal.  The bins will be uplifted in a secure manner on a scheduled On Call service and a replacement bin left with the pharmacy.  The waste management specialist company (Medismart) transports waste in a secure vehicle for disposal in accordance with environmental and safety standards. 

 Any member of the community can return unwanted and unused medicines FREE to a community pharmacy for safe disposal.  

Sharps disposal

MidCPG provides an affordable, accessible, convenient and safe sharps disposal service for patients in the Waikato Region. 

As of July 2015 our Sharps dispoal service is for any sharps, excluding:   

  • Dressing material (any non sharps) 
  • Cytotoxics Needle 
  • Exchange Scheme (disposal is separately funded through MoH) 

Pharmacies are encouraged to remind patients not to be wasteful and take care with what is put in container as this is a expensive service.  1.2 Litre sharps containers are ordered directly from Medismart.  Patients return the full containers to a community pharmacy for safe disposal which are collected by Medismart at the same time as collecting medicine waste bins.   

MidCPG incurs the costs for waste bins and sharps disposal.

Cytotoxic Medications

Locally, any cytotoxic medication issued or dispensed by hospital wards or outpatient departments can be returned to that department for disposal.   The ward or outpatient clinic should provide the patient with a purple cytotoxic collection bin (Anton Turner WDHB).