Midland Community Pharmacy Group

Smoking Cessation Education

Midland Community Pharmacy Group (MidCPG) is committed to achieving the New Zealand Health Target of Smokefree Aotearoa by 2025.  

MidCPG offers a FREE Smoking Cessation Counselling and Support program (+NRT) to smokers in the Waikato and Tairawhiti regions. Pharmacists are trained and accredited to provide this service. 

Training includes motivational interview techniques, smoking cessation counseling and best practice standard operating procedures and training on the best possible quit smoking support aides (NRT)  specific to patients needs.  

The aim of this project is to remove barriers to accessing smoking cessation services and support, and to give the smokers the best possible chance of quitting.

Benefits for the Patient:

  • Timely access to free community based cessation services.
  • Sound advice with follow up support.
  • Another professional able to help with quit smoking attempts.
  • Available to smokers that don't frequently access Primary Health Care Services. 

For the General Practice Team:

  • Ability to refer patients to Community Pharmacy for FREE smoking cessation services.
  • Knowledge that patients who don't frequently access Primary Care Services have a health professional to turn to for smoking cessation advice. 

More about this service:

Midland Community Pharmacy Group is funded to provide comprehensive smoking cessation services in the community pharmacy environment. The aim of this project is to remove barriers to accessing smoking cessation services and support.  This project proposes that pharmacists who complete customized training and complete a quality component set by MidCPG will be eligible to participate in the service delivery of this project.

What does the process involve?

Community Pharmacists would identify patients within their pharmacy, or patients could self-refer, be referred by GP's, whanau, or by other health providers. This project will not be restricted to first time quitters in line with recent research that highlights it can take up to 14 attempts to quit smoking.

I am a pharmacist, How do I become accredited?

Midland Community Pharmacists (Waikato and Gisborne regions) participating in this project must have undertaken two part training:

1. Complete the MidCPG Smoking Cessation E-Learn training Module.  

This is a community pharmacy specific,  training programme designed by Cath Knapton (CEO MidCPG) and Dr Mark Wallace Bell.  This training is in line with the Ministry of Health Smoking Cessation Competencies 2007, and is tailored to ensure targets identified in the Midland Community Pharmacy Group proposal can be achieved by Community Pharmacists. Pharmacists require to read all clinical support material  complete and pass a MidCPG knowledge quiz

2. Community Pharmacists also must have completed the Ministry of Health's  "ABC E- learning Smoking Cessation module"  for health care provider quit card accreditation (although currently Pharmacists cannot prescribe Quit Cards all pharmacists have completed this module). 

These courses are prerequisites to ensure a standardisation delivery of quality counselling and to ensure pharmacists have an up to date knowledge of treatment options and how to provide effective counseling advice.  

This assessment/quiz process can also be used as part of ENHANCE CPD. 

If you have any queries or would like to deliver this project in your pharmacy please email Cath Knapton cath@midcpg.co.nz

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