Midland Community Pharmacy Group

Oral Anticoagulant Education

August 2016:  OAC clinical content is currently being updated and is undergoing review.   The e-Learn training module will be made available once content has been updated.

The aim of this service is to up skill patients with regard to their warfarin/dabigatran treatment. Pharmacy plays a key role in reducing warfarin and dabigatran related adverse events and potential hospital admissions by ensuring the patients have a good understanding of their therapy, including, but not limited to: 

  • the potential adverse effects and the signs and symptoms of these

  • potential medication and herbal interactions
  • any external factors that will affect their therapy
  • the role of regular blood tests (INR).
    The service involves: 
  • A 15 minute comprehensive warfarin education session 
  • A review of any OTC/complementary medicine/supplement used by the patient.
  • Provision of the MidCPG Warfarin Patient Information Leaflet  
  • Provision of an Anticoagulant Treatment Patient Handbook (Red Book)
  • GP team feedback if required  

How to refer patients:

  • Send an e-referral via Medtech 

  • Call the patient's pharmacy 

  • Request an education session on the prescription (eg warfarin counselling)

Who is eligible

  • New to warfarin or dabigatran therapy or 

  • Identified as requiring further education or support (eg. confused about therapy, recently discharged or on a complex regimen including warfarin or dabigatran)  

Community Pharmacists are trained and accredited to provide this service. 

More about this service 

The project aims to reimburse community pharmacists for providing structured and standardised warfarin and dabigatran education for targeted patients in the Midland region.  This service is provided by community pharmacists and is designed to ensure patients on warfarin and dabigatran therapy receive comprehensive and standardised level of information and care.The service has the potential to improve clinical outcomes by ensuring:

  • patients are taking therapeutic doses, 
  • closer monitoring 
  • adherence to treatment. 

I am a pharmacist, how do I become accredited?

All pharmacists wishing to provide  the  Oral Anticoagulant Counselling service are required to;

  • Attend a MidCPG training session
  • Read all clinical support material 
  • Complete and pass a MidCPG knowledge quiz 

This is a prerequisite to ensure standardisation and quality of counselling and to ensure those pharmacists providing oral anticoagulant counselling have a current and thorough knowledge of warfarin and dabigatran.  The training process and knolwedge quiz is allocated enhance points

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