Midland Community Pharmacy Group

Mobile Medicine Management Service

Midland Community Pharmacy Group implemented this Medicine Management Service to increase and optimise patients adherence to their medication, reduce medication confusion, remove waste, and improve patient self management.   This service is available to patients across the Waikato including rural areas.   

Home visits are arranged by our highly qualified Medication Management Pharmacists, were a thorough consultation will be conducted with the patient where medication, lifestyle and health conditions will be discussed.  If necessary, patients can be linked with local health care providers and support groups eg: Diabetes nurses or Kaumatua support groups.  

MidCPG employs two Mobile Medicine Management Pharmacists:

 Helen Morton:   helen@midcpg.co.nz    027 430 3266 

 Rachel Bell:       rachel@midcpg.co.nz   027 268 5704


Eligible patients can be referred directly to MidCPG.  Click here for patient referal form

Phone:              07 858 5921  
Fax Referral:    07 843 6364 
Email:               pharmacyreferrals@midcpg.co.nz 

What is a Medicine Use Review (MUR)? 

A Medicine Use Review Assessment is a FREE one-on-one consultation for patients with:

  • medicines adherence issues
  • poor understanding of their medicines
  • or confusion with their medicines.

The MUR consultation involves:

  • A Mobile MUR pharmacist visiting the patient in their home 
  • The pharmacist will collect background information relating to the patient and their medicines.
  • The pharmacist will offer advice and solutions to medicine related issues which are identified in partnership with the patient  
  • A report will be provided to the GP or referer outlining issues identified and offering solutions/recommendations to improve patients adherence

Medicine Use Review (MUR) is available in some Waikato Community pharmacies   

What is the Patient Eligibility Criteria?

The MUR service is eligible to people living independently in the community who have CVD, Diabetes or Respiratory Disease, plus one or more of the following:

  1. Takes 3+ medicines and/or 12+ doses per day 
  2. Has multiple prescriber's
  3. Had a recent admission to hospital (especially if there had been a medicine change)
  4. Is taking medicine(s) with a high risk of adverse effects
  5. Is experiencing sub-optimal response to medication
  6. Is non-adherent or unable to manage their medicines
  7. Has literacy or language difficulties, dexterity problems, impaired sight, or cognitive deficiencies which impact on their ability to manage their medicines
  8. Is taking a narrow therapeutic index medicine eg warfarin, amiodarone

Benefits for the Patient:

  • Improvement in patients adherence to taking medications 
  • Increasing understanding of medicines 
  • Advising when, how and what is the best way to take medicines 

Who is not eligible?

  1. Patients not living independently in the community
  2. Patient who declines follow up
  3. Patient moves out of the district
  4. Patients currently participating in Medicines Therapy Assessment or Comprehensive Medicines Management services or PRS/CPC services

Who can refer a patient to this service?

  • Health providers e.g. GPs, Practice Nurses, District Nurses, Diabetes Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Patients
  • Family/Whanau and Caregivers

MidCPG members can access further information by logging into "MY ACCOUNT"