Midland Community Pharmacy Group (MidCPG)

Midland Community Pharmacy Group (MidCPG) is a not-for-profit charitable trust, governed by a board of directors. 

  • Head office located in Hamilton and in operation since 2005.
  • 100% Community Pharmacy membership across the Midland Region (Waikato, Rotorua, Taupō, Turangi, Taranaki and Tairāwhiti).
  • Core focus, includes but is not limited to:
    • Design, develop, implement and facilitate delivery of funded service contracts via accredited Community Pharmacists for a range of patient-centered projects.
    • Advocate for community pharmacy sector in varied forums both regionally and nationally.  (MidCPG is a key partner in the development of multi-disciplinary teams and integration across Primary Health Care.) 
    • Support via provision of professional development education, clinical pathways and assessment tools. (End goal of improving the health outcomes of patients in the regions).  
    • Improve Māori Health inequities by developing services, training, and resources that support this aspiration.
    • Identify and develop new models of care to expand the capacity and capability of the pharmacy workforce and increase clinical expertise.

Service Contracts offered to Community Pharmacies

  1. Emergency Contraceptive Pill FREE for 24 years and under
  2. Smoking Cessation Consultation and provision of NRT
  3. Oral Anticoagulant Education (Warfarin, Dabigatran and Rivaroxaban)
  4. Gout Education and Support Service
  5. Methotrexate Education Service
  6. Asthma Management Services (Childhood, Adolescent and Adult)
  7. Sore Throat Management for the prevention of Rheumatic Fever
  8. Childhood Skin Conditions (Eczema and Impetigo)
  9. Gestational Diabetes 
  10. Head lice and Scabies Assessment Service
  11. Medicine Use Review (MUR) in Community Pharmacy
  12. Pre-Medication Oversight Medicine Assessments
  • Additional research and pilot studies offered as and when appropriate.
  • Not all services are funded in every region, to enquire email Operations Manager Kylie Engebretsen:  info@midcpg.co.nz
  • All services are FREE to eligible patients  

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MidCPG Medicine Management Service (MMS)

MidCPG employs a small team of Mobile Medicine Management Pharmacists to provide the following services across Waikato:

  • Pre-Medication Oversight Assessments, Via Disability Support Link (Pre-Mo)  
  • Medicine Use Reviews (MUR)
  • Medicine Therapy Assessments (MTA) 
  • Health of Older People services to patients across Waikato. 
  • Medication education sessions/forums for patients/kaumatua groups. 

MMS referrals can be made by Health Professionals, Family/Whanau, Caregivers and patients.

Strong and Stable - Falls Prevention Programme

“Strong & Stable” is a falls prevention programme facilitated by Midland Community Pharmacy Group.  It is part of the ACC initiative Live Stronger for Longer.

The programme approves and supports community group-based strength and balance classes for older people in the Waikato.   The aim is to improve strength and balance to reduce the incidence and severity of falls and fractures.

  • Group sessions are scheduled throughout the week across the greater Waikato
  • Doctors, nurses, physios, pharmacists, and other health professionals can refer to approved classes.

For further information contact:  

Steph McLennan

Falls Prevention Manager 

E: steph@midcpg.co.nz     M: 027 419 0068

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