MidCPG implemented a Medicine Management Service to increase and optimise patient’s medication adherence to their medication, reduce medication confusion, remove waste from patients homes, and improve patient self-management. 

This service is available to patients across the Waikato including rural areas.   Two qualified Medication Management Pharmacists are employed, who work on a referral system where they arrange home visits with the patient providing a thorough consultation determining the patient's health status, their medication usage and adherence, as well as discussing their lifestyle and health conditions.   If found necessary, patients can be linked with local health care providers and support groups eg: Diabetes nurses or Kaumatua support groups

Eligible patients can be referred directly to MidCPG.  Email: pharmacyreferrals@midcpg.co.nz  

Mobile Medicine Management Pharmacist:

Rachel Bell  e:rachel@midcpg.co.nz  Ph: 027 268 5704

Phone:  07 858 5921  Fax: 07 843 6364