The Mobile Medicine Management Service (MMS) was implemented to ensure equitable access to Medicine Use Reviews (MURs) and medication related education for patients across the Waikato region.  

The aim of the service is to increase and optimise patients adherence to their medication, reduce medication confusion, remove waste, and improve patient self-management.  

The MMS service is available FREE to eligible patients across the Waikato including rural areas.   

Home visits (or location of choice) are arranged by qualified Medication Management Pharmacists, who conduct a thorough consultation to discuss medication, lifestyle and health conditions.   If necessary, patients are linked with local health care providers and support groups eg: Diabetes Nurses, Kaumatua support groups, Strong and Stable exercise groups. 

Following consultations reports are written to and if necessary communications are had with patients GPs. 

Eligible patients can be referred directly to MidCPG.  Email:  

Mobile Medicine Management Pharmacists:

Bellina Lu      e:     Ph: 027 4303266

Anna Rufer    e:       Ph 027 268 5704  (Covering Rachel Bell - Maternity Leave)

Medicine Management Service - Information Brochure