Our Vision

Midland Community Pharmacy Group's overarching vision is to support and strengthen the role of Community Pharmacy in Primary Health Care and achieve positive patient health outcomes across our region.   As well as:

  • A commitment to the development and implementation of new services to support patients.   
  • Integration with General Practice and other key stakeholders to avoid duplication and fill gaps in service delivery.
  • Facilitation of continuing professional development of pharmacists in our region.
  • Improving Maori Health by developing services, training, and resources that support this aspiration.
  • Develop new models of care to expand the capacity and capability of the pharmacy workforce and increase clinical expertise.

Board of Directors

MidCPG is a Charitable Trust governed by a Board of directors. The 2020/2021 Board consists of 6 elected members:

  • Steve Roberts (Chair)
  • Tony Leong
  • Amiel Bates
  • Anna Hewitt
  • Paul Grant
  • Tim O’Donoghue
  • One Regional Representative from Lakes/Rotorua:      Charlotte Schimanski
  • One Independent Board Member:                                Dallas Honey

Our Team

  • Chief Executive Officer                          Cath Knapton               
  • Operation Manager                              Kylie Engebretsen 
  • Pharmacy Project Manager                   Jane Abel
  • Accounts Manager                                Wendy Goble
  • Medicine Management Pharmacist      Bellina Lu 
  • Clinical Pharmacist                                Rachel Bell

Strong and Stable - Community Falls Prevention Classes

  • Falls Prevention Project Manager:           Steph McLennan
  • Falls prevention Administrator:               Kasha Latimer