Midland Community Pharmacy Group

Motivational Interviewing Training

Midland Community Pharmacy Group supports members by providing a comprehensive and FREE Motivational Interviewing Training course held annually and facilitated by Dr Mark Wallace Bell. 

Why Motivational Interviewing in Community Pharmacy: 

Modern pharmacy practice requires pharmacists to develop effective interpersonal skills, which can lead to a variety of positive health outcomes for patients. Many pharmacy training institutions in New Zealand and around the world stress the importance of tailoring communication to the audience, to improve patient health and wellness. Within often challenging and busy environments, pharmacists need to demonstrate competency in: 

  • providing care in collaboration with the patient and health care team by applying therapeutic principles and evidence-based data, while considering any factors that might impact therapeutic outcomes

  • using and managing health system resources in collaboration with the patient and health care team to promote health, appropriate medicine distribution, and improve therapeutic outcomes 

  • promoting disease prevention and improved health in collaboration with patients, communities, at-risk populations, and the health care team.

In order to demonstrate these important competencies, pharmacists need to develop skills for effective communication, at every level of patient contact. Motivational interviewing training is one way pharmacists can establish and develop these skills.

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