Midland Community Pharmacy Group

Cultural Competence 

Optimal Use of Medicines in Aotearoa  

The Pharmacy Council of New Zealand made changes to the Competency Standard 1 in response to significant health disparity in New Zealand. 

Community Pharmacists must meet this challenge both personally and professionally by optimising use of medicines in Aotearoa and must demonstrate clinical, ethical and cultural competency as health professionals. 

From 2012 the Council audits pharmacists on this expectation. 

The Community Pharmacy Services Agreement, Pharmacy Services Standards and opportunities such as LTC delivery, CPAMS, Smoking Cessation and other counselling services require cultural competency. 

MidCPG knows these changes require access to professional development so to support community pharmacists in areas identified in Competency Standard 1, MidCPG provides members access to a comprehensive and FREE Cultural Competence Training course. 

This course is  held annually and is facilitated by Leanne Te Karu and Darryn Russell.

Leanne is a clinical pharmacist with extensive experience in both community and hospital pharmacy. She is a pharmacist prescriber and is involved in a number of national initiatives including the Atlases of Health Variation for Polypharmacy, Diabetes and Gout; the National Rheumatic Fever Steering Group and is also a Councillor on the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand. 

Darryn Russell is Assistant Vice-Chancellor Maori at the University of Canterbury and was an inaugural ministerial appointment to the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand. Darryn has involvement in a number of national, government and non-government organisations, philanthropic and commercial. 

For more information please email info@midcpg.co.nz