Midland Community Pharmacy Group

Continuing Education (CE)

Midland Community Pharmacy Group (MidCPG) is committed to providing quality continuing education to Community Pharmacists who are members of our organisation.  MidCPG endeavors to provide 4 - 5 education sessions per year with topics directed by its membership.  

Continuing education is managed via our education website E-Learn. 

Any questions  regarding CE should be directed to:  info@midcpg.co.nz

All ENHANCE queries should be directed to the Pharmaceutical Society www.psnz.org.nz  

Rural Pharmacists Continual Education 

MidCPG makes every effort to record Continuing Education sessions for the benefit of rural pharmacists who find it difficult to attend due to distance. 

Rural Members of MidCPG can request access to links of CE recordings and clinical knowledge quizzes by emailing a request to our Operations Manager info@midcpg.co.nz

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