Community pharmacies must comply with their contractual obligations for the delivery of patient-centred services.

MidCPG supports this by:

  1. The design and development of standardised patient centred services following best practice guidelines
  2. Provides an education and service accreditation program 
  3. Provides consistent and ongoing clinical updates and communication

All services encompass the following: 

  1. Standard Operating Procedures and Service Delivery Flowcharts (Go to services)
  2. Standardised Patient Data Collection Forms that fit with the overarching reporting requirements from DHBs (Go to services)
  3. Company Claiming Policy 
  4. Standardised Monthly Claiming Process 
  5. Standardised Claiming Template
All new pharmacists should request a services induction pack.

All contract queries should be directed to Operation Manager 

MidCPG Organisational Structure: