A library of recommended clinical websites. 


All pharmacists involved in the Pre-Medications Oversight Service MUST have access to InterRAI

Setting up a Digital Certificate to access InterRAI

For those who have completed and submitted your forms – you should have received your username and password with the link to InterRAI. The digital certificate needs to be loaded to the computer, before access can be successful.

  • The digital certificate needs to be loaded before you can log in
  • You can only access InterRAI from a computer that has the digital certificate loaded on it
  • The manager or person deals with their IT security will need to load the digital certificate as they need ‘administrator/security’ access (eg knows all the passwords!)  
  • Best to load it on the computer or laptop that you intend using InterRAI on eg in the consulting room or office
  • This only needs to be done once, then any pharmacist that has been granted an InterRAI login will be able to access InterRAI from that computer eg locums etc.

 If you have issues with installation please contact:   

Jerrica Ang Disability Support Link  - p 0800 55 33 99 or 07 839 8883 ext 22912     fax  07 839 1225   e Jerrica.Ang@waikatodhb.health.nz

  1. Follow this link https://tdhb.sharefile.com/d-s7b82f365d5745ae9
  2. Enter password QEjVpwL#7h

InterRAi user guide for Pharmacy 

InterRAI registration form  

Preferred Links that Community Pharmacists may find helpful

1.         Pharmacy Council  

2.         Pharmacy Defence Association  

3.         The Pharmaceutical Society and The College of Pharmacists      

4.         ENHANCE   

5.         Pharmacy Guild of NZ    

6.         DHB - Shared Services                          

7.         Pharmac   

8.         Medsafe  

9.         New Zealand Formulary  

10.       Ministry of Health  

11.       LEAN training module  

12.       Pinnacle- Midland Health Network   

13.       Medical Council of NZ   

14.       Royal College Of General Practitioners   

15.       Health and Disability Commissioner  

16.       Best Practice Medicine   BPAC - Library of latest issues 

Hospital Liaison Pharmacist Contact details

The hospital liaison position is a link between community pharmacy and Waikato Hospital. The role exists as a point of contact for community pharmacy to resolve facilitate resolution of reoccurring issues relating to hospital discharge medications.

WDHB Hospital Pharmacist - Yolinda Bullians  yolinda.bullians@waikato.health.nz

Hospital Liaison Pharmacist - Waikato District Hospital   

Phone: 07 839 8899   Mob:  021 2421391  Fax:  07 839 8769

Hospital Liason pharmacists Updates