MidCPG Contracted Services  - Taranaki Course Accreditation & Delivery Toolkits

  • Access to course folders are restricted to employees of contracted pharmacies only.  
  • Service documents are the Intellectual Property of MidCPG and are not to be shared without prior approval.  
  • Clinical References are acknowledged throughout training modules.
Enrolment Codes to courses are provided in the "MidCPG Service Information and Induction Pack"
To obtain a copy email Kylie@midcpg.co.nz 

Cultural Competency: Pharmacists are asked to complete the MidCPG Cultural Fluency courses before proceeding to below 

Link to Cultural Fluency Course

Taranaki Gout Education & Management Service

Course Summary:

MidCPG's Gout Management Service for Taranaki Community Pharmacists