Midland Community Pharmacy Group



Midland Community Pharmacy Groups (MidCPG) vision is to support and strengthen the role of Community Pharmacy in Primary Health Care in order to make a positive difference in the health of the people in the Midland Region.


  • MidCPG strives to develop and implement services to improve patient's health outcomes.  

  • MidCPG works closely alongside General Practice and other key stakeholders to ensure services are integrated as best as possible so to avoid duplication and fill gaps in service delivery.
  • MidCPG prides itself on facilitating and supporting the continuing professional development of pharmacists in our region. ·
  • MidCPG is committed to improving Maori Health and aims to continue to develop services, training and resources that support this aspiration. ·
  • MidCPG aims to develop new models of care that expand the capacity and capability of the pharmacy workforce as well as models that integrate primary providers clinical expertise.